Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What campsites are lakefront sites?
A: Campsites 18, 19, 20, 26, 36, 37 all have direct lake access. Each of these campsites can be reserved except site 18. Lake access for all other campers can be reached by two lake-front access paths; one is across the road from site 25 and the other is between the western-most outhouse and site 20.

Q: How do I reserve a campsite?
A: Sites can be reserved by going to Type in the search bar, “Flour Lake Campground.” Click on the result, “Flour Lake Campground”. Reservations can be made from the “Facility Map” and “Site List” tabs by clicking on individual sites.

Q: What campsites can be reserved?
A: The reservable campsites are sites 2, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 36, 37. Campsites that cannot be reserved will be labled “FF” for “First-Come, First-Served” under every date in the season (on the website). Please note: for vacancy information on walk-in campsites, you must contact Golden Eagle Lodge directly as that information is not online.

Q: What is the reservation window?
A: Reservations can be made with an arrival date no earlier than 4 days from the current date. For example: If today is June 20th, you could not reserve a campsite with an arrival date before June 24th.

Q: Why do some campsites always appear to be full on
A: Vacancy information is only posted for the reservable campsites. First-come campsites will be marked with a “FF” for every day of the season, whether they are full or not.

Q: Can I camp in a reservable site without a reservation?
A: Yes! Just be aware that a reservation could displace you if you plan on camping in that reservable site for more than 4 days. With reference to the immediate question above, you are always guaranteed an open campsite for up to 4 days due to the reservation window. Golden Eagle Lodge updates campground reservation postings at individual campsites daily.

Q: Do I have to have a reservation?
A: No, but it is recommended if you have a large camping rig. There are several sites that are walk-in only and therefore cannot be reserved. If you are concerned or curious about availability of these sites, call Golden Eagle Lodge and we can tell you what we expect for occupancy during any given dates. The closer your arrival date to the current date, the more accurate the information we can give you.

Q: Do you have photos of the campsites?
A: Yes! There are around a total of 150 photos available on the website. Refer to question #2 above to find them. Each campsite has between 3 and 6 photos pertaining to that particular site.

Q: Is Flour Lake Campground part of Golden Eagle Lodge?
A: No.  Flour Lake Campground is a Federal, United States Forest Service Campground. Golden Eagle Lodge is the operator and caretaker of the campground but not the proprietor. The amenities of Golden Eagle Lodge are not included in the fees charged at the Flour Lake Campground. All the rules and regulations of the Flour Lake Campground are nationally mandated by the United States Forest Service.

Q: I have more than one vehicle, can I pay for it online with my reservation?
A: At this time, there is not a way to pay for extra vehicles when making an advanced reservation. Only one vehicle is included in the base rate. If you have more than one vehicle (you do not have to pay for towed vehicles), you must pay for it when you arrive at the campground by filling out an envelope and dropping it in the drop box. The extra vehicle fee is $10/night per extra vehicle. For motorcycles, two motorcycles count as one vehicle; in the case of the quantity of motorcycles totaling to an odd number, that number is then rounded up.